Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Try Something New Every Day – Day 6

I shot a deer yesterday. With my bow. I know it’s not deer season but I couldn’t help it. My bow was in my hand and there she lay 20 yards away. The shot was just too easy and I could not help myself, I had to pull the trigger. My sight pin was perfectly on her vitals and I slowly pulled back on the trigger. Thwack! 12 points! I was having a blast shooting my first 3D archery course!

“Golf for Rednecks”! That’s how my friend and fellow Mossy Oak ProStaffer described 3D archery and it’s probably true. Like golf you can get as serious about the competition as you want too. You have everyone from kids, to professionals that do this. Some people do it to perfect their hunting skills and some people don’t even hunt and do 3D because of the pure challenge and fun of it! Josh assured me that this was a tough course and that I did a good job. I wasn’t too sure though as the first half of it was spent sighting my bow in but I did start shooting pretty good once I got it dialed in! It was a perfect course back in the mountains and it felt so much like hunting that I could definitely see myself getting addicted to it!

I’m having a blast with my self-challenges during my try something new for every day quest! Feel free to contribute your own ideas for me to try. I have some great ideas coming up but I’m always open to outside views as opening myself up is part of the whole idea behind this.

Don’t forget about the Women in the Outdoors event coming up on July 11, 2009 in Bastian VA!

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