Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Try Something New Every Day - Day 7

Yesterday I had a blast crosstraining! I brought my bike to work to ride at lunch for my first time! I decided to rest my knees and shins this week in anticipation of my marathon tomorrow, so biking seemed like a great lunch time activity. I left out with no destination in mind. I decided to just go out exploring for a while and see where I ended up. I took off with the wind blowing in my hair, or lack thereof, and just enjoyed a nice relaxing workout. I love running but I did enjoy the change of pace that biking brings. I do plan on doing more biking and other forms of crosstraining this summer and concentrating on running in the winter and fall when it's to cold to bike, at least for me anyway. Trying new things has definitely been so much fun for me. It's getting me out of my comfort zone and in to trying new things. I highly recommend to anyone reading this to give it a try yourself!

I'm really excited/nervous about my marathon tomorrow. I'm excited about leaping in to such a big distance but I'm nervous about my conditioning, the heat, and having enough liquids. Oh well this is the kind of huge challenge that lets you see just what you're made of! May God bless you all!

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