Sunday, June 28, 2009

Try Something New Every Day – Day 4

Yesterday morning I woke up bright and early, jumped out of bed and started slamming water to get myself hydrated. This was the day I was to do my first early morning trail run and I was planning on doing 10 miles. I watched a few minutes of TV while hydrating and then jumped in the truck. Seven Sisters Trail reaches and elevation of 3310 and I the wind always seems to blow up there so I had on a light running jacked and my Under Armour beanie. Neither of them lasted long at all as it was a much warmer morning than I thought it would be. I had elected not to eat anything before my run as that would burn more fat off of my “beer belly”. It’s getting smaller every day but I’ll take any help I can get! It turned out to be a good demonstration of how tough running mountains can be without proper nutrition though because I wore out quick and had to push myself so hard to beat my best time ever through the course. I was going to do the 5 miles over the mountain and then run it backwards but I ran out of time due to my company picnic being that morning as well and had to come out at the campground area and jog back up the road. It was a great run and I definitely saw more animals out by doing it first thing in the morning. Despite the fact that it was a hard run for me I still had a great time and will try it again soon! The next time I do it though I will make sure I have time to do the 10 miles out and back route, which I’ve still never done. After my shirt got completely soaked with sweat I had another first, I ran shirtless in public. I got lucky and only have to apologize to two cars unfortunate enough to have to see it but it sure felt good to me!

I got home as quickly as possible and ate, re-hydrated, and hung with Jessica and Harry for a little while and then we all got ready and went to my company’s annual picnic. We didn’t stay to long there but the food and the people were great! Harry and I started getting tired and needed naps so we left after just a little while.

After the naps we got up and played for a while, Jessica had to go to work, and then I did another first. I hung shutters on the front of our house! Jessica’s going to be so happy! She’s been wanting it done and I finally got around to doing it!

Today I’m going to start doing some biking for cross training and to give my legs some rest due to me attempting a marathon on Thursday! I can’t wait to give the marathon a try! However I’ve decided that as much as I like running I need to be a more well rounded athlete and I need to keep things fresh so I don’t burn out or get injured.

I send my love to you all and some advice… get outside today, it’s where all of the adventure and excitement is!

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