Thursday, June 24, 2010

Archery Talk

I get lots of technical questions emailed to me. I have to be honest I'm not the most technical minded guy in the world but I'll help you if I can! I will give anyone this tip though if you don't already know it... there is a wealth of knowledge to be had at Search the forums for almost anything archery related and you will probably have pages of responses! Sure there are some nuts on there but it's definitely worth checking out if you're not already a regular reader! Happy hunting!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bow Madness Review *follow up*

I get a lot of emails regarding my review of my PSE Bow Madness MC. People want to know if I still like it after all this time. If it still shoots well and is still quiet. The answers are all yes! This bow should be renamed… Bow Sweetness because it is as sweet as honey!

I’m getting revved up to start doing a little predator hunting and some varmint hunting. Got to stay in shape physically and mentally for deer season! I hope all is well in your lives!