Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Try Something New Every Day Challenge

The try something new every day for 30 day challenge. That is what I'm giving myself. I, like a lot of people, am sometimes guilty of stumbling through life instead of really living it. I like adventure and most of the time I'm willing to try new things but I never actively seek new things. That will change. I’ve found myself stuck in the same ol’ routine on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong I love my life but why not seek out new things that will only lead to my enjoyment! So with that being said I’m giving myself the try something new challenge. I will be trying things both big and small. I will be trying athletic, and mental challenges, trying new foods, and anything I can think of, to challenge myself. Something's will be things I've wanted to try and never got around to and something’s will be tried to get myself out of my comfort zone. The goal of this is to inspire myself and others to really live their lives! You don't have to jump the Grand Canyon to have an adventure. Things as simple as trying a new restaurant are fun too! My challenges are both big and small to show how just doing ANYTHING different can lend some excitement to your life! I will be trying to do several new things per day but the goal is to do at least one. I will be updating my blog daily as well to let you all know how I'm doing. I'm really looking forward to this. Please feel free to post ideas of your own for me to try.

The only rules I have for this is that nothing can be illegal, expensive, or harmful to others or myself. Something’s may have a danger to them but I have a family to think about so I won’t be gunning for Evil Kneviel!

After I wrote the above information I decided to start this today. I wanted to start small so I tried finding another route home from Harry’s babysitter. For months now I’ve knew there had to be other ways to get from the babysitter’s to our house but I don’t know the area well enough to know what the alternatives were and I always came up with some excuse to not just give it a try. In the essence of showing how easy these challenges could be I picked today to find another way. I have to say that it was a perfect beginning as the first route I tried turned out to be a very easy, scenic, drive and it will be my preferred way to go between the two places from now on! This too will turn in to a routine so I will try some other ways soon though.

Stay tuned for updates as I promise some of the other things I try will be more exciting…

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