Friday, June 26, 2009

Try Something New Every Day - Day 3

Last night I did something I hadn’t done since I was a little kid, I camped out in my own backyard. It wasn’t an entirely new thing but as an adult I would never have considered such a thing until my self-challenge. I actually had a blast and was so at peace out there. I can’t say I slept great but I felt refreshed and ready when I woke up this morning so I guess that’s all that counts! I learned that my tent, only the 2nd time I had used it, works well as do my sleeping bags but I need something to go under the bag to make the ground a little softer. All in all the experiment worked though.

As I promised yesterday I awoke early this morning, came inside, put in my contacts, and took off on a jog for the first time ever. I’ve only ran mornings a few times and all of those times I had ate breakfast, showered, and been fully adjusted before I ran. This morning was different though and so was the run. I don’t know yet if it’s made me a morning runner but it was a great way to start the day! I had a smile on my face the whole time. I didn’t set any PR’s but after a half-mile or so I started loosening up and had a good steady run after that. When the run finished I came home started some coffee and grilled myself a steak for breakfast! I’d never even thought of grilling anything for breakfast before and it was a nice break from the norm!

I really haven’t done much of anything else outside of my routine today but it’s been a good day anyway. Had a slow but decent day at work, then came home and hung out with Harry. After I put the little guy to bed I did some work on my mountain bike, not technically a first, but the first time I’ve really did much with this new bike. I’ve thought of some new things I’m going to do with the bike during this challenge and I just need some cross training and some new fun anyway so I wanted to get the bike ready. After struggling with it for a while I think I have it set up halfway decent but I got tired of fooling with it so I stopped. I had been using my allen wrenches from my bow case and realized I hadn’t shot my PSE Bow Madness in forever. I broke it out and shot for a while. My arm fatigued easily but the bow is still as amazing as ever, I love that bow! I have a few things in mind for tomorrow so stay tuned to this blog to see what’s next! As always feel free to post any ideas for my challenge here or email me at

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