Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Women in the Outdoors and More!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. The truth is I've had several things going on but I've really just been enjoying my summer and spending time with my family! Things have been great recently! I keep getting in better shape and I feel better all of the time. Josh Blevins is coming over tonight so that we can finalize our presentation for next months Women in the Outdoors event in Bastian VA! It's a great event and we're really excited to be a part of it. I should have more details coming up soon. Mossy Oak events should be heating up soon and I will start posting the info I have as soon as possible.

I have one more piece of news. I will be reaching a much larger base of people soon as some friends and I are starting another band. As of now the plan is just to go out and play modern rock covers but we'll see what happens once we get it going! The lineup looks like it could be an all-star group but nothings finalized at this point. I hope you all are enjoying your RAINY summer, talk to you soon!

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