Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mossy Oak Marathon (unofficial)

I have never attempted to run further than 8.1 miles in any one given time in my life. I've only been running seriously for a few months now. I did start running occasionally last year but never stuck with it, for long, until this year. I have built up to running daily but I normally run a couple miles a day and 8 milers are my longest runs. With all of that being said Thursday July 2, 2009 I will be running/hiking/walking/crawling the Mossy Oak Marathon ( unofficial)! The run is a celebration of our freedom to do crazy things like this and to show my passion and support for Mossy Oak, along with testing my own human spirit! The Marathon is not official as I will be the only participant and there is no way I can actually run the whole thing but it will be me putting in 26.2 miles in one day! From my home in Rural Retreat VA to my workplace in Wytheville VA is exactly 13.1 miles. I plan on getting up early Thursday and heading to work, via feet not car, taking a short break to refill my water bottles and eat and then heading back home. I expect this to take anywhere from 6-9 hours but I'm hoping to surprise myself! Stay tuned here to see how I do! Talk about trying something new every day!


Sarah said...

Are you running up the mountain??? wow.... your nuts! lol no seriously though, good luck. I hope once I move to buy a jogging stroller so I can cruise with Efren. :)

Tommy Nunley said...

Luckily there are no big mountains between RR and Wytheville! A few hills but luckily it's fairly flat!

Sarah said...

O.k GOOD! I guess I'm just used to the huge part that we have to drive from Independence to Wytheville and i was thinking "this dude is CRAYYZEEEHH" but thats not so bad (though I still couldnt do it!). I wish you luck!