Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crow Hunting and Gobbling Report

Yesterday I went out to do some crow hunting and got a very pleasant surprise not involving crows. It was late yesterday evening, sometime after four and I started in on my crow call. What happened next made me check the time of day, a gobbler and several hens started going off! They were paying so much attention to my crow calls that I had to listen to myself and make sure I hadn’t grabbed a turkey call. I did have a few crows call back to me and two flew to a tree about 100 yards away but none would come close enough to think about shooting them. I did have a big smile on my face from listening to the turkeys though. I was already getting excited about the upcoming turkey season but now I’m up another notch from that. Are any of you hearing any gobbling yet or seeing any strutting? Good luck in all your pursuits!