Monday, August 25, 2008

Wythevile Enterprise

I just got back from an interview with Nate Hubbard of the Wytheville Enterprise! He was a really nice guy and I believe the interview went well! I was a little nervous, as it was my first time doing an interview by myself, and definitely the first time being interviewed about hunting. I was more nervous because I feel that my message about getting in to the outdoors and in to hunting is so important! I think that mankind would be a lot better off if they would get back in touch with nature and this was my first chance to get the message out in print. I guess I had better get used to interviews though as if things go as planned and things take off for me then a lot more people will be wanting to hear what I have to say about the outdoors and hunting. I’m really not in to this for myself but I have to go through this to get out there and fight the good fight! The article is supposed to be out in the Wythe Enterprise and maybe the Bland Messenger this Wednesday, if it doesn’t make that edition then it will be in Saturday’s paper. I hope you all are doing well! Keep on keeping on!

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Obsessing Over the Obesession said...

Hey Tommy. Congrats on the article, that's awesome! Be sure to post it on the blog or send me a link to it once it gets published, I'd love to read it!