Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hunters For The Hungry

With hunting season being so close I figured I would post a little info on the Hunters For The Hungry program. It's a great program that I hope I'm going to be able to contribute to this year. My first 2-3 are spoken for, if I get even 1, but anything over that will most likety got to Hunters For The Hungry. Here is the explanation of the program from their site...
...Hunters for the Hungry operates by solicitation of successful hunters to donate venison. The deer are accepted by professional meat cutters who process (cut, wrap, and freeze) the venison. The meat is provided at no cost and is distributed by foodbanks and other 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organizations feeding Virginia's needy. We are not supported by any state funds nor are we a United Way Agency.

...Funds are raised to cover the cost of processing, distribution, and the overhead expenses of operation (less than 20% of total expenses). Financial support is currently the limiting factor.

...The simplicity of the program makes it not only easy to understand but also practical to operate. Hunters, all volunteers, do the work of providing the food. Processors inspect, cut, wrap, and freeze the meat (most charge us a fee reduced from normal rates). The venison is distributed through agencies already equipped for and in the business of feeding the needy. The food provided is a quality high protein, low-fat item not normally available.

The Benefits
Our natural resources are used to help those in need.
Potential waste is eliminated
Hunters are involved in helping and providing for the less fortunate.
The deer population is controlled which not only benefits mankind but the deer themselves.

Among those who have worked with, assisted, and endorsed this effort are:
Ruritan National and Ruritan Clubs across Virginia
The Federation of Virginia Foodbanks
The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
The Virginia Department of Meat and Poultry Inspection
The Virginia Department of Health
The Virginia Deer Hunters Association
The Virginia Wildlife Federation
The Virginia Game Warden's Association
Many civic clubs including - Rotary, Lions, Izaak Walton League, Moose, American Legion
Churches including - United Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Baptist, Episcopal
Many businesses both involved and uninvolved in the outdoor sporting world
Virginia Association of Meat Processors
Many media outlets including - radio, television, magazines, and newspapers

...We have a proven track record. We have received and distributed nearly one half million pounds of venison to the needy across Virginia. The potential exists to provide almost this quantity on an annual basis.

...Our long term goal is to make 500,000 pounds of venison available to the hungry annually. We already have in place the needed program to receive and distribute this quantity. As funds are available more meat will be accepted and distributed.

...Please take a few minutes to review our materials. We are very proud of the cost-effective manner in which we operate. Contributions should be used primarily for program not for overhead.

...Your consideration of a contribution is greatly appreciated. A favorable response to our request would:

1. Help us expand our effort while we continue to build our support base
2. Provide needed food to many who otherwise will do without
3. Impact the operations and budgets of many feeding agencies around the state as all meat is provided by us at no charge
4. Enhance the cooperative program that we have begun. This cooperation clearly involves many who do not otherwise participate in charitable endeavors or who do not normally find common ground on which to pool their efforts.

...We would gladly provide any additional information that would be helpful.

...Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope you will see fit to invest in our effort to feed, educate, and cooperate.

...To contact Hunters for the Hungry e-mail( or write us at:
Hunters For The Hungry
P.O. Box 304
Big Island, VA 24526

Phone: 1-800-352-4868

Here is a link to their processing centers, just click and find the one closest to you! All you have to do is properly field dress the deer and deliver it to a processing center. I hope this info helps and that no one out there lets any deer go to waste, best of luck to you all this hunting season! I for one can't wait to get this hunting season started!

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Obsessing Over the Obesession said...

Hey bud,

I've heard some great things about the Hunter's for the Hungry Organization. I sent it in to Bucky as a state organization just in hopes that we can help them out a little bit in the future. Quick question, I saw the picture of your bow there, what kind do you shoot?