Sunday, August 24, 2008

Virginia Outdoor Sportsmen's Classic *Summary*

What can I say about the Virginia Outdoor Sportsmen’s Classic? I guess if I had to sum it up in one word it would be educational… and fun! It was a real pleasure to be at the show representing Mossy Oak, I really learned a lot, met some great people, and had a good time all the while doing my job! The lady who runs the show, Waynette Anderson, and her husband were extremely nice and accommodating people and were a pleasure to work with! Dr. William C. MacCarty III, the Boone and Crockett scorer, provided me with quite an education on scoring deer and was intelligent and forthcoming with his knowledge! I would love to sit down with him some time in the future as he has hunted all over the world, mainly as a bowhunter, and has been a scorer for a long time as well! If you ever run in to the man listen to what he has to say, as he truly knows what he’s talking about! I also finally got to meet Mark Taylor in person as well; he’s the outdoor writer for "The Roanoke Times" and was also very knowledgeable and entertaining as well! Two guys who I really wanted to meet were Team Hale/Ward from Drury Outdoors, I did get to meet them but due to circumstances I really didn’t get to talk to them too much but they are just as nice in person as they seem on TV. I watched a little bit of the auction they were doing for the Catch A Dream foundation and the guys are hilarious as well! I also met more of my fellow Mossy Oak ProStaffers, and Dr. James Vance and Travis Dalton are both great guys who you will certainly be hearing more from in the future! As always my new buddy Cody Altizer and his terrific family were a pleasure to talk with as well! I love running in to them, as they seem to be a really close-knit family and truly good people! Scoring the deer also led me to meet many other quality folks as well and I unfortunately didn’t get many of their names but I’ll remember their faces if I run in to them again and I certainly hope I do! There was not one deer brought in to the show yesterday that wasn’t truly beautiful! The show offered plenty of entertainment as well but due to my work schedule I wasn’t able to catch much of it. I did see a little of the Ultimate Air Dogs show though and these dogs are incredible athletes! I hope to be involved with this show again in the future and I hope to see more of you all out there as well! Have a great rest of your weekend!

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