Monday, August 11, 2008

Turkey, Deer, and a Turtle

Scouting report 8-10-08
I finally had a couple of hours today to put shoe leather and my binoculars to good use! I took a couple of hours to scout some of the public land I’ll be hunting yesterday and it went pretty well! I checked on about 4 of my spots and found really positive sign in two of them, and I ruled out a spot or two as well. I verified some stand spots for different wind directions and I’m really excited for the season to kick in! I still have to talk to some landowners about some private property but I’m feeling good about my National Forest spots. Before I could even get in to the first area I was going to check on I was nearly busted by a flock of Turkeys. I managed to get hid before they took off though and I got to observe them for a while. The neatest thing was the little bitty dudes that were in the flock, so cool to see! Later in the day I was standing by the road and glassing a couple of fields when something told me to look over and to my surprise there was a doe standing right in the middle of the road looking right at me. I smiled at her and we checked each other out for a minute and then she cruised on up the hill. Still later in the day I was checking out another area when I looked down and saw a really neat looking yellow headed turtle that I could kick myself for not taking pictures of. All in all it was a very fun and productive day! There’s nothing like being out in nature and there’s certainly nothing like the excitement of getting ready for this upcoming season!

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