Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bass Pro Shops and Mossy Oak

I had a great time yesterday at the Charlotte NC, Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting Classic. It was the kick off for my group of the new Mossy Oak ProStaff and it was a pleasure meeting many of my teammates! I have to say though the biggest surprise of the day was the knowledge of the Bass Pro Shops staff. I’ve been in various Bass Pro Shops before and the staff seemed to be able to do there job well, but after working closely all day long with the BPS staff these guys and gals really know what they’re doing and I was really impressed! I had a great time chatting with my fellow teammates and I learned quite a bit from them but it was also a real pleasure talking to the many customers I met! The ProStaff seems to be off to a great start and had very favorable reviews!

It was also nice to meet Kevin Renwick, the Marketing Director of Traditions Muzzleloaders. I’ve been really impressed with Traditions lately and from talking with Kevin the best is yet to come. You’re really going to be hearing more from Traditions in the future and I was already planning on buying one but after talking with Kevin and handling the guns today it will be sooner rather than later! I had to travel three hours each way to the show due to the fact that my babysitter for the day was 30 minutes in the opposite direction but it was easily worth it to do one of the things I love best, talking Mossy Oak and Hunting!

On a related note it seemed I saw more deer out yesterday in all different places than I have ever saw in a single day in my entire life. I’ll have more from my weekend coming up tomorrow but for now I hope you all are enjoying your weekend as much as I am!

Don’t forget about the Virginia Outdoor Sportsmen’s Classic coming up August 22-24!

Check out my fellow Mossy Oak ProStaffers Cody and Damin Altizer at Obsessing Over The Obsession! I talked with them for a long while yesterday and they and their family are great people and their blog is really informative and well written as well!

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