Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some more reminders!

Don’t forget about the Virginia Outdoor Sportsmen’s Classic coming up August 22-24! It's going to be an awesome show with lots to do so come on out and check it out! I will be at the "Bucks That Rock" event most of the day so come by and say hello!

Also for you small game hunters rabbit and squirrel season opens up September 6th! As for me I'll probably do a little squirrel hunting but I'll mainly be practicing for archery deer season which opens up on October 4th, I can't wait! I've been practicing a lot and continuing to exercise and get in shape but I'm starting to lose sleep from excitement already, it can't get here quickly enough for me. For more info on hunting dates check out the VDGIF!


Obsessing Over the Obesession said...

Hey Tommy! I shot you an e-mail a couple days ago about the VA. Outdoors Sportsmans Classic but I wasn't sure if I type in the right e-mail address so I figured I send it through here just to make sure!


Hey! This is Cody Altizer. I just wanted to shoot you an e-
mail about this coming weekend in Roanoke. I'd told you
down in Concord that I was hoping to attend the event and I
e-maile Bucky as soon as I got home telling him the same.
However, he has yet to give me any confirmation as to
whether or not I would be able to work the show.

I wanted to e-mail you because I was wondering if maybe I
could work with you again this coming weekend. I remember
you telling me that you were helping a friend or something?,
I just can't remember what exactly it was. If that's not
possible then it is not a problem and I'll just e-mail Bucky
to see what capacity I'd be working in or if I'd be able to
do it at all.

I'd really like to do this show cause it's kind of local and
not too long of a drive and I had a blast working the Fall
Hunting Classic with you two weekends ago and was hoping we
could work together again.



Obsessing Over the Obesession said...

Hey Tommy! I think I'm all set to help you and the deer scorer's out on Saturday! Ms. Anderson said they really needed help on Friday and Sunday but Saturday was the only day I could work. Also- what time are you planning on getting there and who/when/where do we report to to get settled in? Another question- What exactly will we be doing at the "Bucks That Rock?" Either way, it sounds exciting and I can't wait! I'll see you Saturday!

P.S- Have you received you Package yet, cause Damin and I STILL haven't gotten ours.

PPS- I placed an order through Kevin for a Pursuit II about a week ago in in Treestand with a thumbhole and a Treestand scope. I'm pumped!