Saturday, July 11, 2009

Women in the Outdoors *Recap*

Try Something New Day 15 and Day 16

Today at the Women in the Outdoors event(my first ever) in Bastian VA, Josh Blevins and I had a blast! I have to honestly say it was one of the most fun events that we have worked. We helped out with a shotgun instruction course and then later an archery course and seeing the ladies faces was one of the most fun things I’ve been a part of. All of the women had great attitudes and were great students and days like today are what being a ProStaffer is all about in my humble opinion! I highly recommend that you all check out and keep an eye out for the great events they put on.

As far as my 30 day challenge goes I have to admit that I failed yesterday. The day before however I did something that may not be exactly with the rules I set in the challenge but definitely falls within the spirit so I’m keeping it…

In today’s Internet society social contact sometimes gets lost. I have to admit I’m one of the worlds worst for this. An example. When I used to get gas I would always go inside to pay. Now I never go inside to pay. I always use my card and get out of there as quickly as possible. The other day I thought about that and I made sure to go to a gas station here in Rural Retreat that doesn’t even have a card machine at the pumps. I paid my gas, walked in, and tried to be as social as possible. I live in a great community and I want to do all I can to be a part of it. It’s just like any change in live it all starts one step at a time!

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