Tuesday, July 14, 2009

got dip dogs?

Try Something New Day 17 and Day 18

Sunday, Harry and I got up early, ate breakfast, hung out, and then took Jessica breakfast in bed! Yup, I try to be sweet sometimes! I've got a great girl and sometimes I don't do enough to let her know. After that we all got ready and went to church. McDonalds provided us with a quick lunch and then we packed up and headed to Hungry Mother State Park to do some paddle boating. Harry took a quick nap on the way and was not happy when we woke him up. We thought he would be ok with it because of the fun we would be having but we miscalculated how much our boy loves his sleep! We boated about 30 minutes but had to come back in early because Harry was grouchy.

After our park adventure we decided to head to the Dip Dog Stand in Marion VA. (First time trying it) I will try it again someday as it's pretty famous around here for being delicious but the day we were there I was not impressed. The lady at the counter was not very friendly and our food was less than special. I tried a dip dog and onion rings and Jessica had a cheeseburger. However the chocolate shakes I have to say were great! Everyone has a bad day so I will reserve my final judgement for another time.

We ended the day by having some more family time and then Jessica and I watching some animal shows on tv!

Yesterday was a fairly uneventful day. I had a good workday and then went home and hung out with Harry. After Jessica got home I went outside and mowed the yard and weedeated. I made sure to mow the yard completely different than I ever have btw lol! I then went inside got Harry ready for bed and then spent the rest of the evening doing something new... learning songs for the new band! We're working on 11 songs right now for our first official set list! For the most part they are some cool, high energy, songs and I'm pretty excited to get rocking!

Today I have a long work day ahead of me then I'm going to hang out with Harry and Jessica, shoot my bow, do some housework, and then work on some of the new songs some more. Have a great day and live your life don't let your life live you!

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