Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Primos Scent Eliminator and Primos Silver XP Review

As big game hunting season approaches, slowly but surely, here in Virginia I realize that it's time to start up my product reviews. Over the next few months I will be reviewing several of the various products that I use. These are products that I believe in and endorse. If I don't believe in a product then I won't use it. I will try something but if it doesn't prove effective you better believe it will be in the trash bin quickly!

Scent reduction is a major emphasis for most big game hunters so that seems like a great place to start! As Primos themselves state the Silver XP products are not a cure all. You still have to play the wind and be sensible. You can never fully beat an animals nose but any advantage you can give yourself is a major plus!

From the Primos website "Before the days of refrigeration, old timers, would put a silver dollar in a quart of milk to stop bacterial growth so the milk would last longer. Today, Primos has invested in a patent pending technology utilizing tiny particles of suspended Silver in a scent eliminating solution so hunters will have the most effective means of combating every type of odor. The Colloidal Silver particles in Silver XP™ strike bacteria before it has a chance to break down and cause body odor." Primos has brought silver technology up to date and applied it to scent elimination. In their commercials they invite you to try it yourself and you should. I tried it and I found it to be effective. I tried it against another scent blocker which I won't name and the Primos won! Josh Blevins tried it by using cologne on separate rags and found Primos to be better. As a matter of fact his Mom now uses it on their garbage to keep the odor down! How's that for a testimony," Mother approved!"

The Primos Silver XP products I used last year, I will have the whole line before season starts, are the "Scent Eliminating Body Soap & Shampoo" and the "Silver XP Scent Eliminator.”
I personally use odorless products instead of earth scent and the like. That is a personal preference but sometimes the earth scents can be overpowering and I like to keep all scent to the very minimum. I started using the Primos products late in to last season and my deer sightings went up! I ended the season on a high note, maybe the Primos products weren't the reason but I guarantee they didn't hurt! After comparing the Primos products to competing brands in my own smell test and my successful field tests I have no problems recommending them to others. This year I will be adding to my XP collection and maybe my wall as well!

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