Monday, July 6, 2009

Rural Retreat Bicycling

Try Something New Every Day – Day 12

Yesterday was a nice leisurely day. I got up early and went to Church. I only stayed through Sunday School but it had me feeling good and thinking about what I want to do with my life. It made me realize more and more that I want to use my life in a positive way. I’ve spent a lot of time partying and influencing people in to a destructive lifestyle and I never want to do that again. I would really like to spend the rest of my life trying to undo the bad that I’ve done.

After Church I went to my parents house. Only my brothers and my Dad were home and we spent some guy time and had good conversation. I stayed there an hour or two and then headed home.

When I got home Harry and Jessica were at her parents. I decided to have a quick bite to eat and then try something new! I decided to ride my bike over to her parents and hang out for a little while. I had no idea how far it was to her parents but I knew it was at least 20 minutes in a car and featured a lot of hills, in other words it sounded like a fun challenge. It was drizzling a little rain when I started but what’s a little rain between friends? The course turned out to be pretty tough on my legs and lungs, but that’s what I need! I didn’t quite make it to Jess’s parents house as she was leaving about the time I arrived, but it was a great ride!

The rest of the day we hung out with Harry and then our friend Adam came over and we all watched “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins”.

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