Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mossy Oak Treestand and Traditions Firearms Come Through Again!

Due to a late start on January 1, 2009 I was heading to my stand site when the light was coming up in to the sky. I generally like to be up my tree by this time but I figured that it was better to be in the woods late than it was to be watching TV on the couch. I was on National Forest with my pack and climber on my back looking for the right tree in an area that I had recently found on a scouting/hunting trip. I guessed that the deer would be coming through later in the morning and that I would have plenty of time to find a tree when I got to the ridgeline I was heading for. Knowing it was light out though I was taking my time and still-hunting to the stand so that I wouldn’t get busted. Much to my surprise as I neared the ridgeline area I was headed for I noticed movement coming my way. A group of deer were going to be passing by my stand site before I had a chance to arrive there. I looked around and found an opening that they would be going through where I would have a good shooting lane. They were above me and I was pretty sure my camo would keep me invisible to them if I just stayed still and calm. The first deer approached the opening and as I peered through my scope I realized that the deer were further back on the trail than I had thought and I didn’t have an ethical shot. I decided to let the group pass and then set up a stand and hope they made it back my way that evening. However much to my surprise a small group started coming down the ridge and were going to be passing by me on the right. I made a few quick adjustments and then found another opening. When the first doe came through I put the crosshairs behind her shoulder and pulled the trigger! She went down instantly and I was happy to have finally pulled the trigger on my new muzzleloader! I got her worked up as quickly as possible and my family and I have been enjoying her delicious bounties every since!

It was a cold morning and I was tired and for various reasons running behind schedule. I could have gotten frustrated and through in the towel for the day but I decided that being in the woods and enjoying the beauty of nature was the best place for me that morning. I knew I was heading to a spot that the deer were moving so my optimism put me in the woods. The old saying you can’t kill a deer if you’re not hunting holds true again!

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Jeremy Hoefs said...

Congrats! That's a good way to start the new year.