Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I've Made the Big Time!

I feel like I've made the big time now! I've been reading Mark Taylor's work for quite sometime now and much to my surprise I actually made his blog! I sent him an email recently backing up the words of another one of his readers and he posted the email and a picture from one of last weekends hunts! It's a real honor to be featured along side of some of the great hunters he regularly features. The people who normally appear on Marks blog are great hunters and great people and I'm not sure how I got thrown in to the mix, but it sure feels good!

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Obsessing Over the Obesession said...

Thank ya sir for the kind words. I see that you too had some late season success with the Pursuit II. She sure packs a punch thats for sure.

But, yes, Damin and I are planning on doing the show in Fishersville and hopefully the one in Rockingham County that Bucky told us about in an e-mail a few weeks back. We haven't confirmed this with Bucky yet (I think the shows are towards the end of February), but we will be in touch with him ASAP about doing those shows. Also- do you know who we would be helping at these shows or if we would have to get our own booth?

Lookin forward to seein you soon,