Saturday, January 3, 2009

Late Season Muzzleloading Success Again!!!

On January 3rd I was in the woods and headed to my stand area nice and early. I was moving slow but steady and had just started up the logging road toward my setup spot when I heard a deer snort and stomp off in to thicker cover. I wasn’t happy about it but the distance between where I was and where I was going seemed large enough that I didn’t let it discourage me too much. It was the last day of the “2008”, technically it was 2009, deer season and I was determined to enjoy my last day. It was a great morning, cold, foggy, and sprinkling rain. For some reason I love being out in the rain and especially snow. The morning did have a cold bite to it but I knew if I kept going and made it to my stand in time I may have enough excitement to keep me warm. I got to my stand before it was light and got set up. I knew there had been human travel in to the area recently so I thought the deer would come by my area bright and early, or not at all. I sat there for almost two hours and I was really starting to wonder if I would see anything, when I caught movement about 25 yards away. I looked up and right in front of me was a doe. I was standing about half behind a tree so I quietly and slowly slid my body further behind the cover. The deer kept walking toward me until she was about 10 yards away. She was so close that I just knew she was going to spot me. She looked right at me twice but never figured out that I wasn’t part of the tree, thanks to Mossy Oak’s new Treestand pattern! She was not presenting much of a shot and was looking my way so much that I didn’t have a chance at getting a shot on her. It was only a matter of time before the wind swirled and she caught my wind so my heart was pumping fast. I finally got the break I was looking for when she turned to her left and started to feed up the hill. I raised the Traditions Pursuit II, found my spot, and pulled the trigger. She pulled the neatest back flip ever and was dead before she hit the ground. I was happy to have another deer and happy that she had died quickly and easily!

Shot this one at 15yds on the ground wearing the new Mossy Oak Treestand pattern and using a Traditions Pursuit II muzzleloader.


Tom Sorenson said...

Nice job - more meat in the freezer!

Jeremy Hoefs said...

Dude, you'll need to get another freezer! Good work!