Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Drury Outdoors ProStaff member Chris Ward... Really nice guy!

A little while back after watching Drury Outdoors Dream Season 2 I wrote a post about how impressed I was by Chris Ward and Eric Hale. They are both local Virginia boys and I felt represented our state very well and I said so in the post. Well, I nearly fell in the floor when I got home this afternoon and had a message from Chris Ward on my answering machine. It seems he had stumbled upon the post and was really appreciative of the kind words. I was honored that he would actually take the time to find my number and pick up the phone and call me, unfortunately I rarely use my home phone and missed the call. Most people today, myself included most of the time, have forgotten the personal touch that a phone call gives over an email, but apparently Chris Ward is not one of those people. If you read this Chris, thank you very much for the call it says great things about you and it was a big inspiration for me! I still say you represent Virginia and Drury Outdoors very well, and they should be really thankful to have guys like you on their team!

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Mark Taylor said...

Hey Tommy,
I've gotten a chance to meet Eric and Chris. They are great guys in person, too.

I just talked with Chris the other day and he said they will be working this fall on a Dream Team All Stars show (which won't air until 2009, of course).

They will be at the outdoor show in Roanoke in August giving seminars, and will also be holding a fundraising auction as part of the Dream Team commitment to Catch a Dream. It sounds like they're going to be auctioning off some pretty good stuff.

I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.