Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tribute to Chris Ward and Eric Hale of Drury Outdoors

I don’t know these fellow Virginians but they sure did the rest of us proud on Drury Outdoors, Dream Season 2! I have watched this season and I feel that they would have been my favorite team even if I didn’t know their hometowns were between 20 and 45 minutes from my home. They just seem like guys I would love to share a hunting camp with. They seem fun and entertaining while being completely professional, serious, and dedicated hunters. It’s a privilege being from the same state as those fellows and I couldn’t have picked a better couple of guys to represent the Old Dominion. I have never met these guys and changes are I never will but I can’t help feeling that I know them because they represented the attitudes and values of many great sportsmen that I have the privilege of knowing! Kudos to both of you for being great and true ambassadors for hunting and Virginia!

I know that this tribute is a couple of years late but I just now got around to buying the DVD and I did not have the Outdoor Channel at the time of the original airing.

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