Saturday, July 12, 2008

Deer Scouting, Old Friends, and the Blessings of Family

Today was a good day! Sorry that was a little salute to Ice Cube there! Anyway, it really was a good day! I got up early with little Harry and he and I hung out for a little while and then Jessica got up and cooked us breakfast! She soon headed off to work and Harry and I watched some hunting shows until he took a nap and I got up and began getting ready to head out for the day. We soon headed out and ate lunch with Jessica before driving over to visit my parents. We hung out with my Mom and Dad for a little while and then Dad and I went out on a little mission to find some new hunting areas, and to scout for deer sign on some public ground we are thinking about hunting. We rode around for a couple of hours and came up blank on permissions to hunt, but we did find a few areas that we will be scouting further. It seemed we rode from one side of the county to the other scouting, and we actually saw several deer including a tiny spotted fawn! However, one of the best things of the day was running in to an old friend of mine who was out riding horses (his wife actually helped deliver Harry III but I rarely get to see him)! I got to talk to him, and one of his buddies, for a while and it was an pleasent surprise to see him! After the scouting trip Dad and I headed back to the house, and then Harry and I headed back to Wytheville. We took my truck to the car wash and got it looking nice again and then we came home, ate, and I then tucked him in to bed. He is such a blessing in my life, every time I take things to seriously or get to worked up about anything I can just look at him and it puts everything in to perspective. One of my favorite things in the world is carrying him up to bed each night and he puts his little head between my neck and shoulder and it just warms my heart more than anything ever! It was great to find some new areas that I may be hunting this fall but the best thing in my life is my time spent with my son! Anyway that was my really good day, I hope yours was as good or better!

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Merry said...

Ten exclamation points . . . that must have been a good day! It's nice to hear someone puts something positive out there. May you have many more good days.