Monday, July 21, 2008

Bicycles, Deer Scouting, and Adventure Riding

Yesterday I finally had a little time to go scouting one of the areas that I thought my bicycle would come in handy, and boy was I right! I didn’t have much time but I threw the bike, a field pack, and a couple of bottles of water in to the back of my truck and got to my spot as quickly as possible. I quickly got my gear together and started down the trail. I was still easing the bike in when I spotted a doe in the first open spot you come to. I watched her for a second or two but she had been spooked by the noise and got out of there. I cruised on, trying to get through the road as quickly as I could just to see how far it went. I didn’t have much time to do any in-depth scouting I just wanted to get a lay of the land. I can’t find this road on any maps so physically getting out there was the only way I could get my goal accomplished. I traveled as far as I could until the time came to turn back and I was already several miles back. I still don’t know how far it goes but I’ll give it another try soon.

Going in was a big time workout and I found out I’m still not in nearly good enough shape. The more I do the better I’ll be though and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! I wanted to take some pictures but there really weren’t any good views other than a little random deer sign. Coming out was a real blast though as it was mostly down hill and I really got to put my mountain bike to the test! I felt like a true adventure bicyclist, I was jumping logs, flying down hill and really enjoying the moment!

The area certainly looked like it held some deer and that’s always important. More than anything I learned that I definitely enjoyed using the bicycle as a scouting tool, and I will be doing more off-road biking for the pure fun of it as well!

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