Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The privilege of working with fellow outdoorsmen

I just realized today how lucky I am to work with several other outdoorsman. Today as I was discussing archery practice with one of my coworkers it occurred to me how much I had learned just from having every day conversations. The experience levels of the gentlemen I work with varies from 40+ years to one younger fellow whose first experience with hunting was 2007 and I have to say I’ve learned from all of them. It’s also brought us together closer as friends and in fact one of them has became like a second dad to me. We are all always-exchanging information from everything to guns and bows to hunting techniques. Every day I thank God for the opportunity to live in such a great country that allows us to do the things we love so much. Hunting is not a gift and a freedom that we should take for granted nor should we take for granted fellow hunters. Even people who vary in opinions from ours are worth listening to and learning from. Most all of us are in it for the same reason, the joy that hunting and nature bring us. So go out there and strike up a conversation with a fellow outdoorsman, you may just learn something that will help you take your next big one!

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