Sunday, January 13, 2008

Deer Scouting Wytheville VA 1/12/08

I went on a scouting trip today, I got started late so I didn’t get done all that I wanted to but I still managed to cover quite a few miles today. The following are the voice records that I recorded.

• Down here in the first valley you come to if you stay in the flats until you come in I’ve found a stream in the bottom between two ridges.
• I’ve seen no definitive deer sign by this creek, I’ve seen plenty of turkey sign though. It makes sense that deer would be in this area though so I need to keep an eye on this area. It has just rained so it there may not be enough water here during dryer times.
• To think I couldn’t find turkey back when season was in, this place is ate up with turkey sign.
• Just found deer scat and some kind of other unidentified scat as well.
• On top of the first really steep ridge I’ve had to climb I’ve found a ton of deer paths.
• Looking across the road here I see a large open public land plot that I’ve somehow missed before, make sure to investigate when at home.
• The wind has been blowing in a north-eastern direction all day, it has been perfect as it is a crosswind heading to the road away from either direction I would want to go in.
• I’ve been heading in a south-eastern direction most of the day.
• Idea for the future, the land deep into Big Bend is not privately owned on one side, hiking in and hunting for a day or two may be a good idea sometime. (random thought I had while walking)
• I could be on to something, the second or third ridge here across from the green field on the other side of the road seems to be ate up with trails.
• I’m following this path up this ridge and haven’t seen anything good for bowhunting but this ridge could make for a could late season rifle/muzzleloader site.
• It’s funny how adventure and excitement always seem to be over the next ridge. Sometimes it’s not there but when I look up ahead up a hill I always get excited. Every time I think I’m too tired or I don’t feel like continuing on I see that next ridgeline and my curiosity and wonderment keep me moving on!
• I’m getting to the top of the mountain and I’m seeing plenty of deer tracks.
• Every time I venture up a path to the top of a mountain or deep in some woods and I think I’m somewhere that few people have traveled there is always some litter to remind me that I’m not.
• Looking down to where I came in I appear to be on the highest ridge in the area.
• Turkeys seem to love the top of these ridges
• I’m realizing that the deeper I walk into the woods here that I’m seeing less and less deer sign and more and more turkey sign. The field I was looking for (seen on aerial maps) seems to be way further through here than what I initially thought. I’ve already walked a long way and that field is not even seeable from here.
• I just saw and spotted several turkeys before they spotted me. The season is over but for fun I decided to put a stalk on them. I rushed things as it wasn’t a live situation and they flew off but it was fun to try!
• From a high vantage point here I’ve stopped to have a cup of coffee and watch the cars go by over on the interstate. The cars can’t see me but I can see them and it’s kind of nice being invisible to the world and watch everyone go by as I just sit here in the mountains and enjoy the moment.
• The most deer scat I’ve seen is on a trail right below the interstate across from the third clearing I would come to when I would come in.

I’m sure that it all sounds like a bunch of random thoughts to you readers, and some of it is, but to me it helps me keep in mind where I went and what I saw. As you can tell I learned some about the resident turkey population but the deer sign was scarce. I will check back on this area but it didn’t seem promising enough to warrant a lot of further time.

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