Saturday, September 27, 2008

One more week!!!!!!!!

One more week! Wow, I’m so excited! Today is a big day for me. Today I pull out all my gear again and make sure everything is good to go, buy backup batteries, get the rest of my clothes washed and hung outside, and all the other preparations that I need to get done. I wish I had more money to spend this year as there are a lot of new things I would like to have bought and would like to have replaced on my bow but in my heart I believe everything is ready to go. I wish I had been able to work harder this off-season but I definitely feel that I’m much better prepared this year than in years past. While I may not have had the time and energy to do everything I wanted to I’ve worked much harder than I have in the past and I’m only going to get better in the future. I’m just so excited, nervous, and everything else that I dream about hunting every single night now! Oh well, one more week and I’m in the woods and on a stand!

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