Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Leupold RX-II Review

For full disclosure I will admit from the start that I’ve not yet hunted with my Leupold RX-II rangefinder and I’ve only had it two weeks… however, I’m already head over heels in love with it! It came in a preset easy to use mode that just happened to be set perfectly on my speed of bow. It comes with 3 bow modes that sets to different speed ranges. It has a built in inclinometer, which is awesome for treestand hunting and/or hilly terrain. It also has modes for hunting in the rain, different rifle model’s, different crosshairs and everything else a hunter could ever ask for.

Before I bought the Leupold I read some reviews online and some of them mentioned that this model was difficult to use and complicated. However there were enough good reviews that based on its price and features I couldn’t resist taking a chance and I’m so glad I did. I will admit that the two-button model that I have does come with a slight learning curve but between reading the booklet and some hands on experimenting I feel that I can now easily do all that I need to with this model! While I haven’t had it for a long time I have had a chance to test it out on some marked range targets and it is DEAD on! I mainly bought this unit for bowhunting as my yardage guessing is not quite as good as I would like. It is already improving my overall ability with a bow as I can now practice from a variety of yardages and elevations with increased confidence! The RX-II is a fixed 6X power and that also helps view where you placed your arrows as well. I think the display screen is set up nicely and the lenses are clear and useable as well.

As I have more hands on time with this model and get to use it while hunting I will update this review but as of now I’m sold on Leupold!

Below is the official write-up from Leupold –
RX-II Digital Laser Rangefinder

The Leuopld® RX®-II digital laser rangefinder is a valuable long-range shooting tool. Accurate range in the field can mean the difference between a hit or a miss. The RX-II does more than deliver the straight line distance…you get the True Ballistic Range® to your target, based on your rifle’s ballistics.

* With a built-in inclinometer, the RX-II calculates the ballistics range to your target, then displays it as a holdover aim point, an MOA adjustment, or the equivalent horizontal distance.
* 6x magnification gives you plenty of power, with a wide field of view to track movement.
* Rugged, weatherproof construction.
* Scan mode continuously updates the range as you track a target or scan an area.
* The precision thermometer gives you digital readings in ˚C or ˚F.
* Accurate to 750 yards, with measurements in feet, yards, or meters.
* The Quick Set Rotary Menu® is easy to use, for fast customization of your RX-II. Also includes the Quick Start Mode.
* Available with Mossy Oak® Obsession® camo, Mossy Oak Treestand™ camo, or two-tone black/gray finish.
* Battery power indicator for easy battery level checks.
* The common CR2 lithium camera battery is easy to change in the field.
* Multiple Ballistics Settings…RX rangefinders with True Ballistic Range (TBR®) provide accurate aiming information matched to the performance of your rifle or bow. By calculating the incline, line of sight range to the target, and a projectile’s ballistics, your RX provides rifle hunters using Leupold Ballistics Aiming System™ reticles as well as bow hunters the correct equivalent horizontal distance for precise shooting on an incline. In other words, aim using the True Ballistic Range, not the line of sight range. Rifle hunters can also get this data as an MOA adjustment or a holdover point. With practice, long distance/steep angle shooting will become second nature. Dial in your RX to one of seven TBR ballistics settings for the rifle and three for the bow for incredible accuracy. TBR is effective to 800 yards for most rifle cartridges.
* Multiple modes…with the RX Series, you can do something you can’t do with any other rangefinder: use multiple modes at once to tailor your readings to the conditions. For example: scouting a whitetail in the rain? Use Rain Mode and 1st Target Mode at the same time to achieve the most accurate range possible. Only RX rangefinders give you the ability to adapt to changing conditions like this. Leupold’s exclusive Quick Set Rotary Menu is intuitive and easy to use, giving you fast access to all the incredible performance modes of your new RX rangefinder.
* The Match 13® Reticle System…one of the most useful customizable features of your RX rangefinder is the Match 13 Reticle System…you’ll always have fast access to each of the 13 reticles, so you always have the right reticle for any situation. Each reticle is available with the Leupold Plus Point™, for an added level of accuracy in pinpointing a target.
* Accessories included: The useful carrying case features a bungee/hook closure for silent operation in the field, a battery, a dog clip for attaching to your pack, and an internal pocket for carrying batteries, instructions and other items. Also includes a lanyard. Tripod thread included, allowing steady mounting for accurate target acquisition.

*Review updated here*

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