Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fieldline Backpack Review

Glenwood Canyon Internal Frame

• Two internal removable aluminum stays included
• Top flap includes zippered compartment
• Vertical front entry opening for easy access to gear
• Two large zippered side pockets
• Equipped with Buddy-Lok™ Modular Locking System
• Articulated padded shoulder straps with adjustable chest straps
• Cool mesh padded back
• Hydration compatible (bladder sold separately)
• Four compression straps to secure your load
• Large front pocket with vertical zipper opening
• Two quick access pocket on waist belt

• 3325 : 21in H x 15in W x 8.75in D
• 54.4 liters : 53.3cm H x 38.1cn W x 22.2cm D
• Torso fit: 15in to 18in (38.1cm to 45.7cm)

I recently purchased a Fieldline “Glenwood Canyon Internal Frame” backpack from K-Mart. I needed a large backpack to carry extra gear in this year. I have a smaller backpack and a fanny pack but sometimes you need a larger pack to haul bulky items. In the past I haven’t always been able to pack enough clothes with me and would get cold in the treestand. The pack was around $30 and seemed ideal for me. It seemed large enough to carry extra clothes and organized enough to allow me to sort my other gear. However after I had the pack home I was a little disappointed and realized I probably should have spent a little more time with the pack in the store. There were not as many pockets as I had thought and the pockets on the outsides are not sewn enough outside of the main pack to allow them to be easily accessed when the main area is packed full. In the store the pockets seemed well made but, it would seem that way when it is empty. With that being said though, this backpack is perfect if you need to carry bulk gear more than you need quick access to gear such as calls, rattle bags, food or things of that nature. I normally keep various things in my bag with the pockets open though for quick and easy access to different items. I may be able to rearrange things though to make this pack work for me but more pockets would certainly help.

As a running/hiking backpack though this pack has been great! I have to take steel toe boots, work clothes, my lunch for the day, as well as various other things with me when I run/bike to work. I’ve had trouble in the past finding a pack big enough to hold all that comfortably at a decent price before I found this pack. Camouflage may not be the smartest thing to wear while being on the roads as a brighter pattern would help me stand out more but I like the fact that I’m showing hunting pride while working out and combating the stereotype of hunters being lazy slobs who just set in a treestand all day. Where does that image come from anyway? Anyone who’s done much hunting at all can testify to the physicality of walking hills all day, hanging treestands, and pulling out large animals. You can be out of shape and hunt but I can tell you it’s not nearly as much fun when hunting is taking your maximum hunting effort. Ok, soapbox moment over, this pack has worked out perfectly for my “commute” to work and I will be using it for that for a long while to come! If this pack goes on sale during the season I would consider buying another one for hunting because at a good enough price I would go ahead and rearrange things to make this pack work. The bulk capacity would make it worthwhile at a reduced price. If you’re considering buying a new pack I hope this review has given you enough information to decide if the Glen Canyon pack is the right one for you. If you have any additional questions feel free to leave them in the comments or to email me at

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Obsessing Over the Obesession said...

Hey Tommy! Sorry we haven't been posting or commenting much lately- school is a drag, but I think we're all caught up, atleast I am!

Less than a week until Saturday! I can't even wait. If I get the right wind I'll be hunting for Lefty, the buck I described in an earlier post. I'm so pumped! Damin won't be in till the following weekend to hunt though.

We'll have to keep each other update throughout the season. You have my cell phone number so give me a call or text during the season and we'll swap stories. Good luck on Saturday!