Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hunting and Fishing Expo Abingdon VA Wrap-Up

What a blast! I can truly say that this was the most fun event I’ve attended as a Mossy Oak ProStaffer! My fellow ProStaffer, Travis Dalton, and I ran a youth shooting booth at the show and I never imagined the turn out we would get! Travis brought a Matthews Genesis bow and a life size deer target and nearly everyone at the show seemed to stop by to shoot a few arrows! We had everyone from knee high young ‘uns to well aged adults stop by and chat with us and fire off a few aluminum arrows! The poor deer was shot up from nose to tail and it never went down. I hope I never see that sucker in the woods, talk about a confidence killer lol! We met so many people today and I believe we made some new archers and hunters. Many women stopped by as well who were thinking about starting to shoot but weren’t able to pull their husband/boyfriend/dad’s bow back and wanted to try it out with the Genesis. Well let me tell you, from young to old, man to woman they all loved it and most came back multiple times! After today I’m truly thinking about investing in such a rig and setting up at any kind of shows I can because it brought happiness to so many people including myself… heck, we even had one boy Robin Hood an arrow while we were there.

The show itself was a huge success and was very well attended. I spent most of my day outside and not knowing that I didn’t bring sunscreen. I can truly say now, that if I wasn’t before, I am truly a redneck. A bright, bright, shiny redneck. Anyway, I did find time to go inside and they had a little bit of everything. From James Vance of Mossy Oak and X-cape Outdoors scoring deer, to QDMA, to the VDGIF, to various dealers selling items, to different games, seminars, and events there was truly something for everyone! I was really excited to be there and really proud to be representing Mossy Oak and the outdoors. I think Travis and I really opened some people up to some new things today and I couldn’t be happier about it!

After the show, despite having walked about 40 miles retrieving arrows, I went and bought myself a new pair of running shoes. I’ve been having a real problem with shin splints and I think it may have something to do with the $20 Wal-Mart shoes I’ve been wearing. I stopped by one of Abingdon’s shoe stores and tried on about every running shoe they had before settling on the Adidas Falcon M 4E. It wasn’t my favorite looking shoe, although it is pretty nice, but it was certainly the most comfortable of the shoes. I can’t wait to get out today and start putting some miles on them! After that I went and picked up Harry from my parents and didn’t wrap up my running around until after 9. After I got Harry tucked in safely and taking care of some internet business I shot my bow for a few minutes, caught up on college football, and then crashed out. It was a really great day all around, well except for Notre Dame losing.

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Prostaff Dad said...

Hey Tommy;

I ran across your blog messing on the C-Man's computer. I spend little to no time on the internet. My typing skills consist of the famous "Two Fingure Hunt and Pick." Congrads on your little hunting buddy. Take it from me, you will enjoy it all. Time on the sports field, class plays or field trips. It is all great! But hunting has its own special meaning. Just remember one thing when it comes to hunting, don't over do it to early. My dad almost did, a many a long cold day when I was a small tike. But we learned together. Thanks for the comment earlier about being a close knit family. That we would be. In time you will be the same. It is my opinion that God's greatest gift to man (not mankind) is, the mother of his child. The next greatest gift is his child. Enough rambling. Nice blog and I will try to check in from time to time. Good luck with your "little helper"
and the Mossy Oak Prostaff.