Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spring Turkey Hunting is Over

Well, the last day of Spring Turkey ’08 has came and gone here IN VA and it was turkey’s 6, Dad and I 1. All in all it was a great spring season and Dad and I had a great time! Today didn’t go the way we wanted from the start, as it was a windy day from the beginning. It was a cold day as well but we zipped up the Mossy Oak and headed for the woods. We never could get anything going today and my box call experienced some technical difficulties making the day tough from the get go. We did manage to watch a couple of does for a while and that combined with our good conversations made the day a success! Jessica was having a yard sale for us today and she’s on her way home so hopefully she had an even more successful day! I hope you all had or are having great seasons as well!

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