Friday, May 30, 2008

Rural Retreat Lake hike…

On Monday Jessica, her Mom, Harry, and I went for a short hike at Rural Retreat Lake. We had a good time and checked out the campgrounds. The sites are very nice and we will definitely be visiting them for some camping very soon! The lake was very calm and beautiful but the hike itself ended after about 30 overall minutes as Harry had a little accident and we had somehow forgotten to pack any diapers in our bag. We did make it to one end of the lake though and got to enjoy the view and rest for about 30 seconds before the (mess)! We made it back and took care of our little guy shortly after, but we learned a valuable hiking lesson. I look forward to getting back there soon though for some more hiking, some camping, and of course some fishing! On a down note though I saw no big game sign at all.

All is well on the home front here. I’m just taking some time to catch up on some around the house chores, work a little overtime, and rest and recuperate before I start finding some places to hunt hogs! (More on that to follow soon.) Jessica and Harry are both doing great as well, and I’ll try to post some new pictures of the little guy soon!

I hope all is well with all of you and that you are all enjoying your summers!

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