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Mossy Oak ProStaff Expands Participation
Staff Reports | May 06, 2008

For more than 20 years the Mossy Oak ProStaff has represented perhaps hunting’s most prestigious collection of outdoors personalities, a group of highly visible, hard-hunting conservationists with the ethics of fair chase and traditional family values at its core. Over the years, we’ve all seen many great Hall of Fame-type names associated with Mossy Oak… Mark and Terry Drury, Will Primos, Ted Nugent, Warren Strickland, Jim Dougherty and Barry Wensel to mention only a few.

Certainly the Mossy Oak ProStaff has benefitted everyone involved. To have ultra-successful, well- known hunters counting on the concealment advantages of good-looking and magnificently effective camouflages represents the proverbial win-win, whether you’re Mossy Oak, the Drury Brothers, a world-class manufacturer of hunting products or the free-spirited individual who just lives to hunt.

Expanding the all-important ProStaff recently became a top-priority initiative for the company’s marketing department led by Butch English and Ben Maki. The number of requests for more personal, countrywide representation has paralleled the incredible rise of the Mossy Oak brand since inception, but, of late, the interest in more and better personal contact between Mossy Oak and its friends has increased exponentially.

The upshot of all this is a program led by a dedicated manager, Tim Anderson, who is well into building out an all-new, uniquely cohesive, multi-tiered Mossy Oak ProStaff.

The Elite level will continue to consist of those people with national influences. The regional level, the newest second tier of the Mossy Oak ProStaff, will represent specific geographic region of the country while also managing the new local Prostaff level.

“Not only will we have more personal touches with consumers locally, but we’ll have folks in place regionally to promote the best patterns for each area, which follows the pursuit-specific approach,” said Anderson. So far the results have been nothing short of staggering.

Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Anderson via email at

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