Monday, August 3, 2009

Outdoor Classic in Roanoke Virginia,

Josh Blevins and I worked at the Outdoor Classic in Roanoke Virginia this weekend and we had a great time! We started off helping the Boone & Crockett scorer check-in and score deer and then I was asked to become the door greeter as whoever was scheduled to do so never arrived. I was slightly nervous at first but it ended up being the best job there as I got to see everyone come and go! Everyone seemed to enjoy the show and there were some very large bucks brought in. It was nice practice myself and the other prostaffers present as we would guess what the deer would score and then have our guesses professionally approved. I did fair but I consistently scored the big daddies low.

After the show was wrapped up Josh and I headed to Gander Mountain to check out the newest hunting gear. I have to say the new Scentlok/Mossy Oak vertigo looks pretty cool! There wasn't much on sale that I wanted so this poor boy had to leave without filling up the shopping cart. We headed to Christiansburg and had a good meal before heading home though and that wrapped up a great day!

Sunday was spent relaxing at home with Jessica and Harry. Next weekend starts the Fall Classic at your local Bass Pro Shops, be sure to go out and check out the seminars and sales! Josh and I will be out at the Charlotte North Carolina show so if you're in the neighborhood stop by and say hello!

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