Monday, August 10, 2009

Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting Classic - Wrap-up

Josh and I headed to Charlotte North Carolina after work Friday. . It was a beautiful day and we rolled the windows down and enjoyed the ride! We arrived just as Ronnie "Cuz" Strickland was starting his presentation. We enjoyed Cuz' emphasis on people enjoying the hunt and his emphasizing of the fact that the enjoyment and not the size of the antlers was what this sport is all about! Cuz, Hal Schaefer, and Brenda Valentine were there as well and they came in and watched Cuz's presentation and hung out with fans afterwards. After the presentation we hung out and chatted for a while, got checked in to our hotel and then took in a little of Charlotte's night life. We had a good time and met some great people before turning in for the night.

Saturday we actually got to sleep in a little before heading over to the BPS at 9AM. Charlotte never ceases to amaze me at the quality of people that we meet when attending events there. I always end up in great conversations and always find myself learning something. Several other ProStaffers were there including our Regional Director Bucky Hauser. Bucky and the rest of the guys are friendly and knowledgeable and I always enjoy seeing them! Bass Pro Shops had all of the newest goodies and it was all I could do to walk out with any money in my pocket. I did buy myself some Treestand pattern gloves and a Treestand Scentblocker face mask but that was it... oh, I almost forgot about my Mossy Oak car air freshener!

Despite a big traffic jam we made it bag safe and sound and I managed to hang with Harry for a few minutes and get some arrows in to the target before dark. All in all it was a great couple of days.

Sunday Jessica, Harry and I hung out at home for a while and then headed to Christiansburg to do a little shopping. Jessica needed some new clothes and I wanted to check out the new hunting gear at Dick's. Jessica was successful on her meeting but much to my dismay Dick's didn't have their fall gear out yet. That was disappointing but we had a great time and a great weekend anyway!

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