Saturday, April 18, 2009

2009 Virginia Spring Turkey Hunting Week Two

Dad and I got in to the woods in time this week and we got our spot! We had a good time today and got to put my new Eastman Outfitters Undercover X5 to the test. The blind was so nice on that chilly morning and it came in very handy when a hen passed by us about 20 - 25yds away. I had to do a lot of moving to get her on film and she never even knew we were there! The blind is very adjustable and we could see everywhere that we needed to see. Ok, so now that I sound like a commercial, lol! Anyway, I was doing my best calling and we had a gobbler coming our way when someone else spooked him and he went flying right over top of our location. I wasn’t real happy that someone let me do all the calling and then messed up on sealing the deal on the bird, but it happens so we just kept on hunting hoping that another bird would come by later. I tried every Primos call I had but none of them were able to coax another gobbler our way today but we’ll be back in the woods trying again soon!

After running to Rural Retreat and picking up Harry, and then playing with him for several hours the two of us packed up and headed back to Bland. I dropped Harry off to hang out with my Mom for a while and then my younger brother John Paul, my Dad, my uncle, and two of my cousins headed to the Mechanicsburg Christian Church’s 2nd Annual Sportsman’s Banquet. They billed the event as an exotic game tasting event and I can say it was that and more! They had all different kinds of wild game to try and it every bit it was delicious! The desert list was nothing to sneeze at either and I have some heavy miles to put in this week to burn off all of the calories I ingested. The meal was only $5 to boot! I couldn’t believe all of that food could be so cheap! The featured speaker of the night was Scott Sanders of Primos Game Calls and I’ll say that I think all of us will be heading back next year for the 3rd Annual event! Now I just have one more trip back to Bland tomorrow to attend church. Have a great weekend and God bless!

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