Friday, October 3, 2008

Virginia Bowhunting 2008

Am I ready? Did I learn all I needed to learn? Is my fitness level good enough? Am I shooting well enough? These are all questions that run through my mind every day now, and tomorrow they start getting answered. I do know for sure about one thing though, I made a commitment at the end of last season to do something every day to become a better hunter, and I did it! I committed myself to trying to get in better shape, trying to become a better archer, and trying to learn as much about deer as I could. I don’t feel like I did as much as I could have but I do feel like I made gains on every goal. I’m sure I could have done more, and I will in the future, but I know I did do something no matter how small every single day to become better. I don’t know how much this work will pay off this year but I believe if nothing else it will make my time in the woods more enjoyable! I’m really excited about kicking off archery season tomorrow and I’m sure you all are as well. I wish you all a safe and successful season!

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