Sunday, October 12, 2008

Running With the Deer

Just this evening I had my coolest running experience ever… about 1.5 miles in to my 4 mile run I spooked a deer. The deer was about 10 steps ahead of me when it spooked, and I picked up my pace when I saw it run and I tried to grunt at it and then whistled at it to try to get it to slow or stop. When I saw that it had no intention of stopping I then just tried to keep pace with it as best as I could and then proceeded to talk trash to it. I let her know that I too was out running and in the woods every chance I got and that I was coming for her and her kind. We ran together for about a ¼ mile or so before she ran in to the woods, and my legs were pumping fiercely as I matched her stride for stride. She kept sneaking peaks back in shock that some guy was running with her like I was. After she disappeared in to the woods I kept on running until I reached my workplace, which was the 2-mile mark, with a huge smile on my face! I couldn’t believe that I had just had the privilege of running with a deer. As I returned down the road, the deer had snuck back out and was nearly in the same spot I had jumped her the first time. This time we were running in different directions but I yet again let her know that I was going and going and her kin might have defeated me to this point this year but I was never going to stop and that eventually my dry streak was going to end. It was the best run I’ve ever had and I could not wipe the smile off of my face the entire run. I hope you all are having great seasons, my luck has not been to great so far but I’m enjoying every minute I have in the woods!

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Jeremy Hoefs said...

Hey buddy. Nice site. I saw your comment over on Cam's blog and figured that I'd stop in. Love the article on running with the deer (LOL)!!! How's the hunting season?