Sunday, October 5, 2008

All Day Bowhunting

Thirteen hours, two asian giant hornets, one squirrel, one raccoon, and two does later I got skunked yesterday. I sat on stand all day, probably a bad idea when the days are still this long, and I saw only two does, I would have been glad to take one of them but as deer sometimes do they came by me in an area I never thought they would and the cover was to thick to have a good shot. It was really nice to be back in the woods though and as of now I’m planning on hunting Monday after work. I hope you all had better luck than I did!

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Obsessing Over the Obesession said...

Hey Tommy- Sorry it took us so long to get back with you. But once you have washed your clothes in the dryer sheets the smell isnt nearly as strong. I know they smell strong at first, but once they have been in the dryer neither your clothes nor the sheets smell as strong. Take a couple work shirts or something and throw in there and you should be able to tell a difference.

Good luck this week in the woods!