Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2-19- 08 update

My little boy is home and doing great! Things have changed around here and time is definitely more limited, as well as sleep. He and Jessica are the most important things in my life and they get the majority of my time, efforts, and energy. However, with what I have left of myself I devote to my passion for hunting. I’ve managed to workout at least a little almost every day since, and including the day of his birth. My workout has varied from doing a few sit-ups and pushups while in the hospital, and of course taking the stairs every chance I could, to full on weightlifting and running while back here at home. I’ve also managed to shoot my bow quite a bit since we got home from the hospital as well. Research on hunting and fitness has also been on my agenda and I’ve done quite a bit of it. Last but not least, while I haven’t kept up my online blog I have written in my personal journal most every day. I know that everyone out there has a busy life and it’s hard to find time to do all you want to be a better hunter but if you try hard enough you can always find time to do something! I hope you are all doing well and striving to be all that you can be.

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