Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bland County Spring Turkey Scouting

Today I finally got in the woods again after far to long. I’ve really enjoyed doing shows for Mossy Oak and getting to meet a boatload of great new people but I’ve certainly missed spending time out of doors. Today’s mission was to pull down my last remaing stand from last year and to do some spring turkey scouting. I did get the stand pulled down without any trouble but I didn’t have any luck with the turkey scouting. However, the deer scouting happened to go pretty well! My buddy and I did quite a bit of walking and 4-wheeler riding today and found a lot more information about where the deer are moving in the area. Now I’m already thinking about this coming fall. I know there are turkeys in the area and I will be back to do some more investigating, as well as check out some other areas, soon. For now I’ve got a release to fix so that I can get back to shooting my bow.

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