Saturday, March 1, 2008

Deer Scouting Wytheville VA March 1, 2008

Today has been a great day so far! I’ve gotten several things done and had a lot of fun doing it!

I spent about 4 hours getting in some pre or post season scouting, depending on the species you’re talking, about this morning. I found a new place to hunt and some positive sign in a place I’ve been watching, and I even got to watch a small doe for about 10 minutes as well. I also took the time and scouted several other places I hadn’t had a chance to. Several of the new places were unproductive but at least I can now cross them off of the list. One thing I have to mention though, my camo has really done its job on several occasions for me! I wear Mossy Oak and I’ve had deer hear and smell me on different occasions but even at extremely close distances and knowing that I was there they have never spotted me. Case in point the doe today heard me move at one point and looked directly at me, I was standing with only my left side behind cover and the deer was still not able to pick me out. I held still for a while and she went back to feeding shortly after that.

After my scouting trip I then went to Kmart and bought a new fleece Mossy Oak jacket and another waterproof Mossy Oak top with ScentBlock. They both were on sale so I didn’t even spend much money! Oh, and I also bought a binocular harness strap to make my scouting trips easier.

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