Friday, September 11, 2009

Magnus Stinger Buzzcut Broadheads Review

I’ve agonized for a while now about what to write for this review. I always feel like I need to write and in depth review of the product I’m talking about but to be honest the Buzzcuts are so great I just felt a long review would be completely unnecessary. So after thinking debating it out in my head here is my review.

The Magnus Stinger Buzzcut 2 and 4 blade editions are incredible! I received in a pack of 2 blade and 4 blade 100 grain broadheads and tested them both. They are exactly what you want for a cut on contact broadhead. They are RAZOR sharp and fly exactly with field points. I shot both sets of broadheads through my target several times and they would still shave you when I was finished. The penetration was also amazing. Both penetrated completely through my target and in to my backup behind it, the two blades going just a little bit further in. I can’t speak to the durability of the broadheads yet but they are well made and everything I’ve read about them says they are tough as nails. However if one fails you Magnus has a lifetime guarantee on these heads and will replace them no questions asked.

If you have any questions about the broadheads feel free to contact me at or of course through this blog. Magnus has a complete line of great products to check out at I hope to soon be able to post the videos of my testing but I don’t have them ready just yet.

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