Sunday, December 21, 2008

Quick Late Season Tips, and Happy Holidays!

Sorry I haven’t been writing much but this has been a super busy time for me. I was sitting here thinking about Christmas and I really hope that all of you have a great one, and a happy holiday season in general! I’m working on a story about late season hunting but it’s going to take a little bit to get finished. So, until my whole story is done here are a few tips for those of us still out there hunting hard in the late season!

1. Food – Look for good quality food sources, the deer are recovering from the rut and battling the cold. Green fields, corn, winter wheat, trees with active acorns, soybeans etc are great food sources.
2. Cover – The deer are still nervous from the firearms season and they need protection from the cold, look for the thickest nastiest cover you can find.
3. Pressure – If the area you’re hunting has had really heavy hunting pressure then food and cover may not be enough to find, you may have to go further back in the area away from where other hunters have ventured or find a small spot that other hunters have overlooked.

I hope these quick tips may give you some ideas! If you have any questions contact me at Take care, happy hunting, and happy holidays!

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Jeremy Hoefs said...

Hey Tommy,
I just read that you were on the Mossy Oak Pro-Staff...congrats! We just had a Mossy Oak sponsored event at the Cabela's in Hamburg, PA. Were you there? Hope you are having a great holiday season.